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Class Absence Procedures

Physical Education Procedures for Absences and Return
A child may be excused from physical education class for one (1) day at the discretion of the teacher, principal or school nurse if the child does not feel well. A child may be excused from physical education class for one (1) or two (2) days with a dated note from the parent. To be excused from physical education class for three (3) or more days, a dated note from a doctor is required. The note should specify the duration of absence and conditions of return (if any). Students with casts, splints or serious illnesses also will need a doctor's note of exclusion and a doctor's permission to return to physical education class.
page 17 in the parent handbook
Medical Exemption
If a student misses PE due to a medical exemption (a doctor’s note), requiring they them to be excused three or more days of PE instruction, they will have to complete a written assignment to earn PE credit. Each assignment is based upon the total number of days they missed and can be completed during the PE hour, with additional time at home if needed. When a student presents a form of medical exemption, they will be directed to their PE Google Classroom page containing alternative learning activities and assignments to complete.